Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Damn you Samuel Smith glass....

I had no intention of reviewing a beer today, but the slice in my hand has driven me to drink.  While washing dishes after dinner tonight I was washing my Samuel Smith English pint glass, and just when my hand was stuck inside it -chink.  A lovely razor shard snaps off and lances the palm of my hand open...spectacular.  After alcohol wipes, antibiotic ointment, and a band aid I know sit here minus a few drops of blood.

Lesson learned today, no more thin, cheap glasses!  Shame on you Samuel Smith for giving me such crap in your sampler!  Moving on, to another Samuel, Samuel Adams Rustic Saison.

This Belgian styled ale pour smoothly into my REAL pint glass!  With very little head, about 1/4" of bright white foam that dissipates quickly.  The straw colored ale is slightly sour yet floral notes come through in the aroma.  You can really notice the coriander in the aroma.  The first sip of this golden liquid is refreshing and clean.  The flavor is slightly sour, with hints of lemon and grass.  This ale finishes smooth and refreshing.  I have tasted better saisons, but this is a good example of the style by a big commercial brewery.  Solid B+ beer, great on a summer day!

Check it out!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Samuel Adams Latitude 48 IPA

Well, one of the first weekends I've been able to relax, no plane to catch, no trip to go on, finally peace.  So I decided to unwind and watch it rain with a nice cigar and an exceptional beer, Samuel Adams Latitude 48 IPA.

The ale pours smoothly from the bottle into my glass with a 1/4" white head.  The beer is a copper color. The aroma is floral and earthy, with a touch of grape fruit wafting from the glass.  The flavor however slightly more complex then the traditional IPA.  There is a nice malt backbone in this ale, probably some biscuit or caramel malts.  The hop bitterness is not at all overpowering as some IPA's can be.  It is very smooth, citrus notes and hints of pine shine through.  The mouth feel is smooth and crisp.  In my opinion a perfect compliment to a relaxing rainy Saturday.

Pick one up....I think you will enjoy.