Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sweetwater Blue

One of my favorite places in Atlanta is the Sweetwater Brewery.  I've toured it, i've drank from their 'dank tank' and it was everything a beer nut could imagine!  Sweetwater Blue has a special place in my heart because I have been able to turn quite a few people away from Anheuser Busch with it.  It is my "Oh you've never had a craft beer before?  Try This" Beer typically their eyes bulge and they look at the glass take another drink look back at the glass and go WOW! 

Sweetwater Blue, is one of the flagship ales from Sweetwater (the other being their 420 Pale Ale).  The beer can be found primary in the Southeastern United States.    I mean why not?  The best NCAA teams are in the SEC any way! 

The ale pours smoothly into my pint glass leaving a quarter inch of head that dissipates quickly.  The ale is just a shade darker then gold.  The aroma instantly clues you in, it's called "Blue" for a reason.  The Blueberry aroma pairs nicely with the slight twang of the floral  hops.  The first sip is smooth, the malt sweetness is smooth and refreshing.  The Blueberry is not over powering or to sweet.  This is a beer with a bit of fruit, not a fruit beer.  I am not a fan of fruite beers I find them to be far to sweet, but the Blue does it for me.  It's great on a summer day!  This is by no means an 'earth shattering' beer.  But, it is a good beer and worth picking up a 6 pack of.  This is a 'Gateway' beer, it will lure you over to the dark side away from fizzy yellow water!


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