Monday, December 27, 2010

Lagunitas - Hop Stoopid

This beer is not for the faint of heart. 

This offering of IIPA from Sonoma California will be my inaugural review. 

This ale pours almost crystal clear and is light and copper in color.  This IIPA pours with a bright white head about an 3/4" thick this dissipates quickly.  The aroma of this beer can be noticed long before it reaches your nose, the pungent aroma of hops fills the area around you.  When you move the glass closer to your nose you hit a burst or citrus, pine, apricot, and grapefruit.

As the inviting copper liquid passes your lips the flavor is balanced but extremely hoppy.  The malts in this ale stand out against the extreme hop bitterness causing it to balance well, you do not just taste hops!  The mouth feel is brilliant, highly carbonated, and smooth.  The after taste of hops are left in your mouth, but not over powering, this beer makes you crave another sip.

This beer is indeed intended for the "Hop Stoopid" in the world.  Hop heads will rejoice.

I highly recommend this brew if you are an IIPA fan or Hop Head.  This beer is not for the faint of heart tipping the scales are 102 IBU and 8.2% ABV.

Stay Tuned!




  1. Have you tried Victory Beer's Hop Devil yet?


  2. No Hans I have not had Hop Devil yet. I will have to add it to my list of "To Try"!!!

    Thanks for the recommendation! Keep checking back! I have some more reviews and brewery updates coming up!