Monday, February 14, 2011

Rouge Hazelnut Brown Nectar and more progress!!!

Excessive HoppYness Brew Co. is now a living breathing, operating, brew house.  Beer is on tap!  Soon my 1/3 bbl all grain system will be operational, exciting!  Over the weekend inadaze and I built some shelves, moved in the bar, and re-arranged furniture, and rearranged furniture again, and rearranged furniture again!  So to toast the progress we sunk down into the couch on Saturday night and had a Rouge Hazelnut Brown Nectar Ale.

This beer pours a dark and wonderful brown, with a slight off white 1" head.  The aroma of this ale is sweet and nutty with notes of brown sugar, slightly smoky and hazel nuts take over your nose and make your mouth water! 

I often find myself getting board with brown ales.  They tend to all taste alike, but I was proven wrong by the boys from Oregon!  This ale is wonderful.  The flavor is malty sweet, brown sugar flavors pair nicely with slight chocolatey flavors and smoky hazel nuts on the back end.  If your a fan of hazelnut, like inadaze and I you will want to smack you lips on a pint of this!  By far hands down one of the best browns i've ever tasted!

I will rate this a solid A- Brown! I will be picking up a few more of these in the future!

Oh and if your interested, the lounge inside Excessive HoppYness Brew Co.  Johnny Cash Live at FOLSOM Prison was playing Saturday.

My co-brewer and bad ass wife standing behind the bar.

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