Monday, March 7, 2011

Abita Andygator

On a cool, lazy Sunday afternoon I sat on the porch watching the grass grow and drank an excellent beer!  This different beer came from Abita Brewing Co. in Louisiana.  This is a style of beer I have had not experienced before, a Helles Dobblebock.  Bock beer is traditionally used to described strong German style lager beers, Dobblebock (think even stronger), then add Helles and you have a strong (8%ABV) German Style Lager that is light in color!

The beer pours the color of golden honey, with a white one inch head.  The aroma is yeasty sour, with hints of fruit.  The nose of this beer reminded me of a Belgian ale.  The flavor is light, the malts are not immediately noticeable.  Bready yeast flavors fill your mouth, with a slight sweetness and fruit flavors in the end.  This is a big beer better enjoyed slowly, dont get in a hurry to finish the bomber or the Andygator will bite you!


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