Friday, March 18, 2011

Left Hand Brewing Co. - Chainsaw Ale Double Sawoth

On a warm March afternoon the NCAA Championship is in full swing and Kentucky barely pulled out of the 2nd round against Princeton.  Close call time for a beer. Out comes a bomber with one of the coolest labels i've ever saw, Left Hand Brewing Co. Chainsaw Ale Double Sawtooth. 

The Double Sawtooth pours dark Amber in color smoothly into my snifter.  Producing a slightly off white color head, with lacing that remained for the entire glass.  The aroma of the Double Chainsaw is slightly malty sweet with notes of pine and citrus.

I should have washed my glass better, bubbles are not supposed to sit on your glass like that.
The flavor is light on your tongue, smooth and flavorful.  I first notice large amounts of citrus hop bitterness that lasts well after my first sip on the edges of my tongue.  This ASA (American Strong Ale) also has a wonderful malt profile that stands up nicely to the powerful hop flavors present.  I did notice some heat from the alcohol present in the ale.  Which is understandable, this ale tips the scales at 9.4% ABV.  One bomber of this and your feeling fine.

I will defenatly be picking this up again!  I must thank my wife for this since she picked it out!  A wonderful beer I will give it an A-.

This beer can be purchased locally in Tallahassee at The Fermintation Market.

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  1. That bottle looks wicked!!! I hope you're keeping a collection of some of these!

  2. We have been keeping the bottles that are pleasing to the eye. lol

  3. Good deal, as long as you got ride of the "Andygator" bottle. I don't like gators......even in beer form.