Tuesday, January 31, 2012

ROGUE Juniper Pale Ale

On a cool winter day in Florida I decided to pop the top on a brew I have been wanting to try for several months.  A juniper beer has always intrigued me, a beer with flowers.  I mean it's not far fetched, flowers, herbs and spices are what ancient brewers used long before hops! As many readers of the blog probably know, Rogue Brewing Co, is located in the Pacific Northwest in Oregon.  Rogue started as a 10bbl brewery in the basement above a 60 seat brew pub and has grown into one of the nations largest craft breweries.

The beer pours into my pint glass and is a light copper color with a thin white head that does not last, and has minimal lacing.  The aroma of this ale is different to say the least.  There is a mild hop aroma, and juniper pours through in the nose, followed by a touch of apple and pear, and an ever so subtle citrus note.  The first thing I notice is the tingle of carbonation on my tongue, followed by the sweetness of the juniper.  I also detect slight pine dryness.  Followed by a nice malt backbone bringing up the rear Crystal malt is what I taste the most of..  Overall I would say this beer would be very refreshing on a summer day.  I believe I would buy it again! This is a solid B+ beer!

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  1. Cheers from the Pacific Northwest. Found your blog through HBT. Great blog you have here, I'll have to add it to my favorites.

    P.S. It's Rogue not Rouge.

  2. Corrected! Thanks for the heads up....One can only proof so much!