Saturday, January 15, 2011

Let there be light......

Today at the brewery we had some fun.  The EZ Trencher was in fact just that, easy!!!

The reason for the trench was for much needed electrical lines.  The brewery/bar now has power.  Think ice cold ale on tap and basketball games, and lets not forget lights!  Now the party can go on well into the night! 

So today at almost dark we were able to throw the switch and the flouresent bulbs came to life for the first time.

And on a Saturday afternoon Excessive HoppYness lit up, let the beer flow.  So, in celebration I will bring to you a couple of reviews.

Both beers tonight are from the same location, Portsmouth New Hampshire, thanks to Smuttynose Brewing Company.  The first beer tonight after power the Smuttynose IPA. 

This IPA pours smooth with a half inch of bright white head.  The aroma is pleasant and fresh not pungent like other IPAs.  Slightly grassy aroma, with notes of citrus.  The flavor is has a slight pine, grassy taste.  Citrusy hop flavor is smooth and light on the tongue followed by smooth sweet malt.  This is a light tasting ale, but not for newbies to the world of hops, around 65-70IBU I would guess.  This is an exceptional IPA.  I rate this a A-. 

As smoothly as the wonderful Smuttynose IPA filled my glass it has vanished.  Moving on to another offering from Smuttynose, Old Brown Dog Ale. 

This ale also pours smooth with a 1/2 off white head and is a dark amber in color.  The lacing on the sides of the glass remain for almost the entire pint.  The aroma is thick with sweet malt, but light on hops.

The flavor is slightly sweet with flavors of slight caramel, I would guess Crystal Malts, also some sweet brown sugar.  Also mild hop bitterness.  The flavor is smooth on your tongue and easy to drink.  This is a exceptional brown ale that I will be drinking again!  I will rate this as one of the better more flavorful browns I have tasted, A-.

Both of the beers featured tonight can be purchased locally in Tallahassee from the Earth Fare Market.

Disagree with my review, Please leave your own in the comments!

Excessive HoppYness 

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