Friday, January 7, 2011

Trappist Triple Threat - Chimay

Tonight my friends is a very special night.  Tonight is the Trappist Triple Threat.  For those of you that do not know, a Trappist beer is rare, only 7 breweries on the planet are aloud to call themselves "true trappist ale."    Trappist Ale is brewed under the watchful eye of trappist monks, they are "not for profit" and highly spiritual.  These ales are for a trained and matured palette.  Their craft has been refined over centurys.  The monks at Chimay have been brewing for over 100 years.

My first offering in this trip of ages, is the Blue label.  What could be considered the "original."  This ale pour dark brown with 1.5" of off white head into my goblet.  The aroma is thick with chocolate malt, and raisin tones.  The sticky lacing remains for the entire glass.  This is nothing short of a spiritual moment.  One can taste the Godly amount of care that was taken to craft such an ale.  The mouth feel is thick and delicious.  Raisin and Chocolate dominate this ale, followed by bready yeast flavors that are so popular in Belgian ales.  I am highly impressed with this wonderful beer.  This ale almost feels like velvet on your tongue, surprisingly I taste no alcohol on this 9% glass of perfection.  This is an A+ ale....I am excited to move on to The Red.

Chimay Red pours much lighter then the Blue.  A dark red, copper, with a thick creamy 1 1/2 inch head.  The bouquet of this offering is rich with raisin and spice with delicate hints of chocolate.  The red is lighter on your tongue then the Blue.  The flavor is that of bready yeast, and tasty raisin paired with dark fruit.  This offering is far lighter then the Blue which preceded it coming in at 7%ABV.  This ale is also nothing short of magnificent.  Not be drank, but enjoyed slowly, allowing the flavors to dance around your mouth to be fully appreciated.  Again, another A+ ale.  Now as we move on to our third and final offering the Triple.

This ale is lighter then the two preceding it, do not let that fool you.  The dark honey color pours smoothly into my glass with about 1 inch of bright white head.  The aroma is slightly sour, malty, and yeasty.  As I indulge in the first taste, of only my second true trappist triple I am pleasantly surprised.  This triple is light on the tongue.  Flavors of Apple, and light pear come through followed by slight spicyness, and bready yeast.  The carbonation is like that of champagne, the bubbles seems to dance in your mouth.

I feel truly blessed to be able to have done what I have done tonight.  Only a select group of individuals of done what I have done tonight.  I feel as I have grown as a connoisseur.

If you are ever presented with the chance to purchase any of these fine ales please do not hesitate.

Cheers and Good Night!

Excessive HoppYness

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