Friday, January 7, 2011

Unibroue - La Fin Du Monde

Today I am going to review on of my favorite beers from Unibroue located in Quebec, Canada.  The beer is La Fin Du Monde, which translates to "The End of The World."  Fitting for a beer modeled after a traditional Belgian Triple and coming in at 9% ABV.

This ale pours smooth with half inch of bright white head.  The hazy, golden honey colored ale looks marvelous in my goblet.  The nose is floral, fruity, spicy with slight hints of yeast.   The fist taste of this magnificent ale is mind blowing!  What peaks my attention first is the amount of carbonation, think champagne.  The smooth ale covers your tongue and the malts begin to dance.  Swirling in your mouth now, pear, and orange sweetness emerge, followed by Belgian bready yeast flavors!  The back end seems spicy, almost perppery, followed by a healthy dose of alcohol flavor. 

This ale is by far the best representation of a Belgian Triple did not originate in Belgium.  It's amazing, the brewers at Unibroue really have done an excellent job!  A+ Beer, I would highly recomend this!  I cannot say enough good about it!  Just go pick it up!

Purchase locally in Tallahassee at ABC Liquors, or New Leaf Market. 

Disagree with my review?  Leave your own in the comments section!

Also be on the look out tonight for "Trappist Triple Threat!" I will be doing a 3 beer review from Chimay.  One of the seven Trappist brewerys in the world! 


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